Reasons to Get a Massage This Holiday Season

The holidays are a whirlwind. Even if you are the type to buy a Christmas tree the day after (okay, two weeks before) Thanksgiving, this time of year comes with a whole lot of activity, and that can mean that you spend less time focused on yourself. By all means, spread the merriment of the season, but we would also like you to consider coming into our massage spa in Tampa sometime. Here’s why.

Reduce Stress

Let’s face it: the holidays are a stressful time of year. Between shopping for gifts, preparing for travel or out of town guests, and 10,000 parties to attend, there never seems to be enough time, money, or energy to go around. If you’re feeling like a frazzled mess this December, why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage? A visit to your favorite spa in Tampa may be exactly what you need.

Improve Mood

Though holiday movies would have you believe that everyone is joyful and merry at this time of year, for many, the holidays are a source of emotional distress and pain. Not everyone has happy memories of stockings hung by the chimney with care, and if this time of year represents a dark time in your life, you may be dealing with some intense feelings. Massage has a proven impact on mood and is sometimes used as a treatment for depression. If you are struggling this holiday season, come pamper yourself at our massage spa in Tampa.

Boost Immunity

There are a lot of fun parts to this time of year, but one of them that can leave you miserable is that it is cold season. No one wants to be stuck at home with the sniffles when they could be spending time with the people who bring light into their lives. Research suggests that massage boosts your immune system by stimulating the growth of cells that fight off viruses. Before the cold that’s going around the office hits you, come visit our massage spa for an immunity boost.

Relieve Headaches

Maybe it was your mother nagging you to come for Christmas this year, or perhaps it was your boss’s passive aggressive suggestion that you shouldn’t take off time for the holiday, but suddenly, your head is pounding. The stress of the holiday season can manifest as pain in our bodies, particularly in the form of headaches. Massage has shown to be effective in relieving headaches.

Take Time for Yourself

This is the season of giving. While generosity is a quality that we all should embody year round, the pressure of this time of year can cause many to give too much of themselves. Just as your loved ones and community deserve to feel a little extra love from you this December, so do you. Self-care is especially important when you’re giving a lot of your time, money, and energy to others, so come visit us for a massage and some “you” time.

We would love to help you celebrate the end of the year at our massage spa in Tampa! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.