Our Artist

Paul Weinberger was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1974. He was able to see and enjoy many different parts of the US as a child having lived in Indiana, Missouri, California and New Jersey. Paul graduated from the University of Florida and has lived in Florida ever since. Having enjoyed drawing, painting and ceramics since toddler age, Paul has continued to refine his craft every year. He credits his three high school art teachers with teaching him many mediums and giving him confidence in his work.

Paul’s focus is on abstract art and chooses to do most work with acrylic paints on stretched canvas. He enjoys being commissioned for specific works from clients and many interior designers from around the country.  He has been featured in local galleries and can be found on Instagram at abstractartcanvas.

Painting abstract art is Paul’s second passion. By day, he is a financial advisor, helping others achieve financial success. 

Paul works in the Tampa Bay area and lives with his wife and daughter.

Email:  abstractartcanvas@gmail.com