Should I Get Bangs?

When you’re looking to make a big change to your look, bangs might be one of the first options you consider. New hair has a way of transforming your whole face, and many women look great with bangs (Zooey Deschanel, anyone?). That being said, bangs are not for everyone, so if you’re thinking of making Read more about Should I Get Bangs?[…]

5 Surprising Massage Benefits

Have you been contemplating coming into Serenity Salon & Spa for a massage in Tampa? We would love the opportunity to help you. Massage is one of our most popular spa services, and it isn’t hard to understand why you’ve ever had this amazing treatment. Talk about relaxation! You might know that massage therapy feels Read more about 5 Surprising Massage Benefits[…]

How to Care For Your Perm

Once upon a time, perms were considered strictly ‘80s, but they have recently made a comeback. It makes sense: after all, if you have naturally straight hair, haven’t you dreamed of having long, flowing locks? Perms are the perfect way to switch it up and try something new. If you’re looking for a perm in Read more about How to Care For Your Perm[…]